Project launching ceremony was held on 20th December, 2021 at RCH hall, CMO office, Barabanki. The Chief Guests of ceremony were Dr. Ramji Varma CMO, Barabnki, Barabanki, Shri S. K. Sharma General Manager, REC-Lucknow and Shri R. C. Bhatt, AO-REC, Lucknow. The other guests were Deputy CMOs and staff of CMO Office- Barabanki and Project Team of Progressive Foundation.

Brief introduction of the Project was given by Dr. Amita Yadav; Progressive Foundation, Lucknow. Later, Chief guest Dr. Ram ji Verma; CMO Barabanki and Shri S. K. Sharma; General Manager, REC, Lucknow addressed the occasion. Dr. Rajeev Singh, District Immunization Officer also addressed the participants about cervical cancer.

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