Cervical Cancer Awareness and Screening

This Project has the two main objectives:

1) to improve the Screening rate for Cervical Cancer among the age group of 30-65 years old women, and 2) to improve the HPV vaccination through Community Mobilization among the eligible Population.

We aim for Proper Counseling of women about the hazards and risk factors of Cervical Cancer and the benefit of early detection and possible cure of disease,  presenting Visual Inspection Acetic Acid (VIA) test as an easy, painless, and quick mode of early detection of cervical cancer,  Optimization of Health Literacy and Changing the belief and Attitude of women. The current location for implementation of the above mentioned objectives is Barabanki (five blocks – Fatehpur, Nindura, Banki, Dewa, and Masauli). The survey of women, awareness camps in identified villages, screening camps and HPV Vaccination camps are continuously going on with the consultation of DIO and CMO, Barabanki.