NJIA/iNJIA Leadership Program

NJIA/INJIA aims at improving health care through leadership development. This program has been developed for our public health workers with mere intention to enable them to improve cervical cancer prevention services efficiently.

Progressive Foundation in collaboration with Pepal Foundation, a UK based organization, is running this as a leadership development and cervical cancer prevention program in Varanasi , Jaunpur and Chandauli and extended to Lucknow, Hardoi and Fatehpur. Under this program, we have developed a monitoring and evaluation framework to measure participants’ leadership development and the impact of tested innovations at the facility and community level.
The program focuses on strengthening agile mind-sets and leadership skills of frontline health workers at facility and community level alongside Roche employees which enables frontline health workers to better leverage existing resources and strengthen the Indian government’s ‘Sampoorna Program’, with emphasis on cervical cancer prevention. For Roche employees, this will enable them to return to their work-setting as better leaders with improved performance. NJIA/INJIA Leadership Program aims to generate innovations to improve frontline health workers’ capacity to provide quality cervical cancer prevention services to the women of Uttar Pradesh.

Princy Prajapati, Programs Manager at Progressive Foundation, is leading this project in India and also supporting this project in Tanzania and Uganda. She is single-handedly managing all the project activities as well as relevant stakeholders. She is collaborating with the state government of Uttar Pradesh, National and International NGOs and corporate sector to execute the project and improve Cervical Cancer prevention and treatment services in the respective demographic area of the project.

NJIA is a word derived from the ‘Swahili’ which is the native language of Tanzania which means “Journey”. This program is an outcome of a collaborative approach of the government, the NGO and the corporate sector to prevent cervical cancer in Uttar Pradesh. Members from all three partner organizations run the program by coming together for an important purpose which is to save our women and girls from cervical cancer. NJIA leadership program is also operating in Tanzania and Uganda to prevent cervical cancer.

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