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Who We Are

We, the Progressive foundation team are human change agents. We are committed to create changed human lives. Our achievements are cured patient, a child that learns, a young man or woman grown into a self-respecting adult, a changed human life altogether.

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What We Do

The organization’s programs are specifically focused on direct interventions in the areas of Public Education (linkage with the government for RTE guidelines implementation, Basic Education for admission), Public Health (Cervical cancer prevention, screening, and vaccination, HPV vaccination, counseling on mental health, etc,) Livelihood (leadership development, skill building, and entrepreneurship), ESG (linkage with the government for pricing of cancer medicine, for recommending waiver of GST on cancer drugs, etc.) 

Our projects revolve around the critical problems existing in society and providing effective solutions leveraging our expertise, networks, and resources to drive impactful initiatives.  We are fostering meaningful collaborations with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporate partners, and actively fulfilling our duties and social responsibilities. 

Our Partners

Over the years, Progressive Foundation has done multiple co-branded campaigns with many reputed brands. By securing investments we have strengthened communities and contributed to the broader goal of social upliftment. These valuable partnerships not only provided us with financial support but also helped us run our programs more effectively and efficiently. Just like you by integrating social development considerations into their operation these brands have demonstrated a shared commitment towards social advancement and a sustainable future for all.

Be a Part of Our Community

With a strong intent to make a difference, our programs are catalysts of change, igniting hope and empowerment in communities. Together with meaningful connections, we are building bridges to create a brighter future, where innovation thrives, and every individual’s impact blossoms. Our journey together is embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity, join us on our mission and be part of a movement that’s shaping a brighter tomorrow. And lend a hand to turn endless dreams into reality. Your journey of transformation begins today—let’s embark on this empowering adventure together.

Our Leaders

The Board comprises highly accomplished professionals from esteemed institutions such as Harvard University, Kellogg School of Management, IIM, John Hopkins, and UC Berkeley. Spanning across diverse regions, including Vienna, Boston, Berkeley, New York, and London our dedicated members bring a wealth of experience and insights to the table. Their diverse background and deep knowledge enrich our approach to tackling complex challenges with agility and creativity. Through collaborative efforts and strategic decision-making, our board members play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our organization.

The Places We Have Reached

Our outreach extended across various cities and districts of Uttar Pradesh, encompassing regions such as Varanasi, Jaunpur, and Chandauli, and expanding further to encompass areas like Varanasi, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Shravasti, Hardoi, Barabanki, Fatehpur, Jaunpur, Chandauli.