We are strengthening leadership skills and driving innovation and growth in diverse sectors.

Krishi Tarang Leadership program for Agriculture

Krishi Tarang is a leadership and innovation program which aims at enhancing career opportunities and livelihoods for young people from agricultural communities in Uttar Pradesh, India by strengthening the leadership skills and agile mindsets of young people working in NGOs, Agri-Startups, Agribusiness students and corporate partners.
In partnership with- Pepal Foundation with support from Nestle. 
Objective and Impact

  • It included developing innovative strategies and leveraging existing government policies  to support farmers and rural youth who want to do something in agriculture.
  • It is an ongoing project whose first pilot happened in February 2024.

NJIA Leadership Program for Healthcare

This program is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance healthcare services through leadership development. The core goal of the program was to  strengthen the leadership skills and agile mindsets of frontline health workers at facility and community levels, while also involving Roche employees. The specific emphasis was placed on cervical cancer prevention, with a focus on Varanasi, Chandauli, Jaunpur, Lucknow, Fatehpur and Hardoi districts in India.
In Partnership with- the Pepal Foundation with support from Roche Pharmaceutical 
Objectives and Impact

  • It included developing innovative strategies and leveraging existing resources to support government initiatives such as the ‘Sampoorna Program’.
  • It aimed at preventing cervical cancer directly by reducing the incidence of this disease and promoting women’s health.
  • 500+ women got cervical cancer screened and 20000+ community members got educated.
  • We addressed complex challenges and involved government entities, NGOs, and corporate partners.

Rural Youth Leadership Program (RYLP)

The purpose of this program is to prepare the youth to bridge the developmental gaps in rural areas, specifically in their villages and blocks, by enhancing their communication skills and leadership qualities.
Objectives and Impact

  • Taking classes, career development sessions, motivational lectures, and relevant policy information and awareness.
  • Infuse a comprehensive awareness about personal cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation in rural as well as urban areas.

LEAP-Leadership for Effective actions and Superior Performance

Training sessions were designed to equip the corporate staff members with essential team leadership skills for a thriving workplace environment. 
Objective and Impact

  • Coached staff members in effective team leadership styles, communication skills, stress, conflict, and time management techniques for the positive growth of the organization.
  • Motivating a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and accountability for peak performances.
  • Fostering teamwork with engaging, and impactful bonding activities