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Class Saathi

“Class Saathi” was an Ed-Tech project in which a technology platform was developed to address the issues related to lower learning outcomes of the children studying at government primary or upper primary schools in Varanasi.
In partnership with – Ford Foundation with support from TagHive.

Objectives and Impact:

  • Simplifying and accelerating the teaching process
  • Facilitating improved attendance and enhanced teacher-student interaction among 200 schools in Varanasi, impacting 8000 students.
  • Promoting Gender Equality through real-time data analysis and feedback mechanisms.
  • Assessing students’ progress and identifying learning levels.
  • Involving school management committee, Gram Panchayat members, parents, and community stakeholders for additional support.

NEET Prep For Girls

Under this initiative, Progressive Foundation provided NEET preparation classes for students who opted for biology as their main subject in inter-colleges in Mathura. Most schools were in rural areas with limited access to specialized coaching for competitive medical exams.
In partnership with- Bliss Kids with support from Shiksha Kaya Kalp
Objective and Impact

  • Provided the best quality coaching and mentorship support to students from deprived backgrounds.
  • This project opened numerous career and employment opportunities in the area of life sciences.
  • These students’ preparation for NEET opened doors for them to courses in MBBS, BDS, and bachelor programs in Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Veterinary, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, and Paramedical.
  • We provided them with fully equipped tablets for coaching and studying purposes and offered them an online mode of coaching with live interactions for doubt clearance.

Inclusive Education

We conducted an inclusive education project in 12 districts in Uttar Pradesh, aiming to make every child studying in private school via RTE quota comfortable and included. This was achieved through training teachers and conducting workshops.
In collaboration with- UNICEF
Objective and Impact

  • Inclusive education ensured that every child, regardless of background or ability, received a quality education.
  • We conducted this in over 1,700 private schools.
  • Empowering students by fostering a culture of support and acceptance, while coaching educators to address diverse learning needs effectively.

Teachers Training In Government Schools

We conducted training sessions focusing on educators’ skills in teaching methodologies, technology integration, and fostering student engagement.
Objective and Impact

  • The project was focused on providing training for over 1000 government school educators.
  • To enhance teachers’ skills, many topics were covered, including teaching methods, the use of digital tools, and interactive learning strategies.
  • Provided guidance on effective classroom management, and student-centered approaches to creating inclusive and supportive learning environments.
  • The workshop was incorporated with hands-on activities, group discussions, and peer learning opportunities.