Sustainable Development

To secure the present while preserving the future these projects aimed for a balanced approach and resource management for long-term well-being.

Shelter Homes for Urban Homeless in Uttar Pradesh

The Progressive Foundation is, on behalf of civil society, a part of the Honorable Supreme Court of India’s monitoring committee for shelters for the urban homeless in Uttar Pradesh. We are working with the UP Government, National Urban Livelihood Mission, State Urban Development Agency, district authorities and municipalities. 
Objectives and Impact:

  • The State Government builds adequate shelter homes as per the Supreme Court’s guidelines for the homeless people.
  • The shelter homes are run, maintained and occupied as per guidelines.
  • Our foundation has played a significant role in advocating for shelter homes by effectively communicating their challenges during government meetings. Additionally, we have provided valuable suggestions to the government aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of these facilities.


The Poshnam Program, initiated by our organization, is dedicated to addressing malnutrition and hunger among underprivileged children in India by establishing  a cloud kitchen in Varanasi to prepare balanced and nourishing meals for children in slum regions.
Objective and Impacts:

  • To bring significant progress in the health and nutritional status of undernourished children.
  • Successfully reached over 20,000+ underprivileged children in eight slum regions.
  • Served more than 250,000+ nutritious meals to improve children’s health and wellbeing.